Autumn/Winter 2019

Daywear Collection

Hats in the Winter Collection aim to be practical, functional and stylish, with a timeless elegance; they can be worn everyday to add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any outfit.

Each piece is made from 100% wool felt, and hand-trimmed with an eclectic mix of sourced fabrics, ribbons, best-quality British feathers, silk/velvet flowers and vintage accessories.

Every hat is one-off, so once it sells Fliss will not replicate the design.  If you have an interest in a particular shape or colour, contact

Please visit our shop in Brewood to see what is currently available. 

Elle - £65 SOLD

Georgina - £65 SOLD

Romilly - £55 SOLD

Portia - £59.50 SOLD

Celine - £65 SOLD

Willow II - £59.50 SOLD

Trudi - £62.50 SOLD

Lucille - £59.50 SOLD

Judith - £49.50 SOLD

Bess - £55 SOLD

Avis - £42.50 SOLD

Mildred - £52.50 SOLD

Cybil - £65 SOLD




Stevie - £55 SOLD

Bertha - £57.50