Occasion Collection 2019

The 4th Occasion Collection sees Fliss bringing new finesse and belief in her own personal style and taste - using bolder prints, creative shapes and, sometimes, simpler lines.  

These occasion hats are perfect for anyone wanting beautiful, statement millinery, at an affordable price.  Ideal for wearing to a wedding, race day, theatrical occasions or special occasions.

Please contact us if you are interested in any particular item - even if it is sold, similar items can always be reproduced.

Fliss provides a free one-to-one consultation to all potential customers, whereby you can try on a range of headpieces, discuss your style, event and outfit.  Any pieces in the studio are available to purchase, or you can commission a special piece to meet your requirements.

Please contact Fliss on flissygcreates@gmail.com or 01902 851189 to discuss your needs.  

Oralie - £95 SOLD

Julia II - £75

Rosamund - £99

Juliet - £95

Yvette - £125

Frida - £139

Hestia - £159

Elisabeth III - £170

Branwen - £95 SOLD

Lupita - £175 SOLD

Estella - £95

Amelie - £145

Catherine - £155

Luana - £185

Antionette - £199