About Us

Tilly’s House is a millinery emporium, gallery and fine ladies’ gift shop based in the rural community of Brewood, Staffordshire; it is owned and run by mother-daughter team, Sue & Felicity Gee.


Tilly’s House was a dream, long in the making, and is a shared passion turned into a reality: a sanctuary of beautiful things.


Felicity Gee was born and raised on the rural Shropshire/Staffordshire borders, growing up in the beautiful surroundings of a picturesque estate.  Throughout her childhood, she was fascinated by colour and patterns in nature, and by her early teens became interested in costume – both theatrical and historical.  Felicity has always, from a young age, been a flamboyant and unique character, who seeks perfection in everything she does; and is drawn, like a magpie, to anything ornate, sparkly, feminine or with a large price tag!  It has often been remarked that Felicity was born in the wrong era, as she has a flair for opulence and detail rarely found in the twenty-first century.

Having a dual academic and creative personality, Felicity pursued her diverse interests during her early twenties: studying for a BA Honours degree in Creative Writing & Environmental Politics (achieving a First-Class classification), whilst, simultaneously working in a wardrobe department designing and making historical costume.  It was this work that led her to study and practice millinery techniques and develop her skills as a designer and hat maker.  Her artistic nature and creative flair leads her to design a wide-range of millinery styles, with a diverse inspirational spectrum.

Art has always been one of Felicity’s passions, a means of escape and peace in solitude.  Drawing on her loves for fashion, costume, and theatre, her art pieces are escapist and portray feminine beauty from around the world: geographically and historically.

Sue lives in a picturesque, tranquil corner of a tiny village on the Shropshire/ Staffordshire border.

Much of Sue’s career has been spent working in busy offices.  In 2014, she gave up her job working in HR, feeling as though she was cocooned in a corporate chrysalis, she chose the freedom to explore another direction.

Sue has always loved pattern, whether in her clothing, in wallpapers and textiles around the home, within her beautiful gardens, or patterns in architecture.  She started “doodling” in pattern in May 2015, and loved the freedom of expression, creating detailed ink drawings with a modern twist.  Her Zentangle art pieces fit perfectly into modern living – pretty and ornate with a stark monochrome simplicity.