The Elements Collection

Flissy loves nothing more than creating something unique and curious.  Her first collection focuses on the weather systems surrounding us, which are becoming ever-prominent forces of our lives as climate change affects us all.

Whilst being totally avant-garde, Flissy aims that each piece be wearable, comfortable and stylish.  Her mantra is ‘elegant but individual, with just a dash of eccentricity’.

The pieces in this collection are all one-offs, and will never be replicated.

Have ideas of your own?  Flissy is always happy to undertake commissions to design you a headpiece, hat or fascinator in a theme of your choice… the bolder, the better!

'The Sun Has Got His...' ~ £150

'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' ~ £125 SOLD

'Let It Snow!' ~ £140 SOLD

"I" Of The Storm ~ £100